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Linas Linkevičius: US’s continued focus on the security of our region

Created: 2017.09.23 / Updated: 2017.09.23 11:23
      Linas Linkevičius: US’s continued focus on the security of our region
      Linas Linkevičius: US’s continued focus on the security of our region
      Linas Linkevičius: US’s continued focus on the security of our region

      Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Linas Linkevičius, had a meeting with the United States Deputy Secretary of State, John J. Sullivan; Deputy National Security Adviser to the US President, Major General Ricky L. Waddell; and Senior Director for NATO/Europe, National Security Council, Richard J. Hooker, in Washington D.C. on 21 September 2017.

      “I have been reassured of the continued focus of the US on the security of Lithuania and our region as a whole, and I have heard clear understanding of threats to the Baltic region and the transatlantic community,” Linas Linkevičius said after the meeting.

      Mr Minister thanked the US for deploying its military personnel and equipment, as well as additional fighter-jets in Lithuania during the Russia-Belarus military exercises “Zapad“.

      “The alleged transparency of the exercises while only selective and limited access was given to a small part of the exercises continues to cause reasonable concern of the international community over an offensive nature of the exercises. Even though an active phase of “Zapad” has already finished, in a broad sense, the exercises have been going on since 2008, which is manifested in both non-transparent and markedly increased military activity and aggressive military actions. We must continue with our resolute and consistent policy of sending a message that any aggression or violation of the sovereignty of neighbouring countries will bear a high price,” the Lithuanian Foreign Minister said.

      The US officials thanked Lithuania for its firm and principled position on sanctioning Russia for its aggressive policy and for Lithuania’s consistent support to Ukraine; they also agreed that bilateral and multilateral measures for strengthening Europe’s security and world peace had to stay in place.

      During the meeting between Strobe Talbott, President of the Brookings Institution, and the Lithuanian Foreign Minister, global challenges to security and democratic norms and threats to the international order posed by aggressive Russian politics were discussed.

      Mr Minister also participated in the annual transatlantic conference held by the Center for European Policy Analysis where he spoke on the future of transatlantic relations and a security situation in the region. He touched upon the impact of US-Russia relations on the security of our region and noted that it was of utmost importance to name Russian actions as keeping silent undermined the unity of democratic states and encouraged aggressors to proceed.

      “Trampling upon moral and human rights issues and silence about disregarding them would inevitably result in a real security crisis in our region and huge economic losses of Western countries,” Mr Minister said.

      Minister Linkevičius also visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum and lit a candle honouring the memory of Lithuanian Jews, victims of the Holocaust.

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